Location, Location, Location


Have you ever read a novel where the setting was so breathtakingly described that you almost felt as though you had seen the movie version?

Lately, I have had the pleasure to read several self-published books that left me with just that feeling – novels in which the setting became a character in and of itself. I started to get curious about the relationship between a writer and a setting that was so vividly described. I speculated that to write in this way, an author probably has a unique relationship with a particular location. I decided to explore this idea by inviting these authors over to my blog to do a guest post on this topic.

The first of these authors has already appeared – Linda Gillard was here to tell us about her inspiration for her latest novel, Cauldstane. Her post was resplendent with Scottish castles and Highland scenes. This Saturday, March 15th, I will be featuring Ron Geigle, author of The Woods – a stunning novel set in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. The following Saturday, March 22nd, Gillian Hamer will be here to share how her relationship with Northern Wales became integral to three of her novels.

After organizing these guest posts, I realize I’m setting a pattern. I’m indebted to Deb Young from Off the Shelf for giving me an idea. She wrote a post announcing a new guest feature on her blog entitled: Selling My Books – Top Tips from Self-Published Authors. Guess who is going to be her first guest, next Wednesday, March 19th? Yes, yes – it will be me – the next stop on my book tour. I hope you’ll pop over on the 19th and get in on another chance to win a book prize.

Anyway, as I read Deb’s post, I realized that I might do something similar.

So – here goes – I am announcing a new feature on my blog – Location, Location, Location. If you have self-published a novel that is set in an area you are intimately acquainted with and if you would like to write a guest post on the ways your knowledge of this setting has influenced your writing, please let me know. You can email me at guenettefrancis@gmail.com

I’m going to try and schedule these posts for the 1st Saturday of every month. I’ll want to read and review your novel before featuring your guest post, so give me some lead in time. I’ll also ask that you supply a few photos of the location you are writing about.

I’ll leave you today with a photo of the location that figures so dominantly in my books – the inspiration for Crater Lake.