Putting out the Welcome Mat

Welcome mat

I read a post today, over on Christina L. Rivers’ blog that really got my thinking. She likened finding one’s target audience to the elusive search for Big Foot. I laughed at the analogy but ended up going over her reflection list a few times, the furrows on my brow deepening with each reading. As Christina writes, is it simply happenstance? Or is it all about creating the right habitat, setting out the appropriate welcome mat?

As a self-published author trying to attract readers to my work, this blog is my prime real estate corner in the cyber-world. This is the place where I unfurl that welcome mat. A reader who has never heard of me can get curious about my books right here.

From the beginning of its inception, my blog has been eclectic. Writing about writing is writing about life. I have sought to create posts that give readers an insight into the living that occurs in the background of my books. Not to say my writing is autobiographical, but all fiction authors are (to a degree) spinning out their own experiences through various creative lenses. I am fortunate enough to have access to a huge archive of photographs taken my both myself and my husband, Bruce. I use these to illustrate (often in obscurely, artistic ways) the posts I write.

The right hand sidebar serves as a low-key means of alerting readers to the various social media sites where we can interact as well as highlights my books and, with a simple click, a means to purchase. The top photo bar hints at the setting for my work. My author photo brands me to this blog. Tabs lead to more details.

In approximately three and a half years of blogging, I’ve posted 418 times. That averages out to a bit more than two posts per week. In my opinion, when it comes to blogging, more isn’t always better. It is easy to overwhelm committed followers by over posting.

So, that is what I have been doing. What do you think of this welcome mat? Does it invite interaction? Am I creating a habitat that invites readers to jump on board? Suggestions, feedback, critique – feel free to weigh-in with whatever occurs to you.

The Inner Circle - Bruce Witzel photo