Baby Brit’s Bad Rep

Birt and Emma 2 - late June

One day, while I was visiting with my two beautiful granddaughters, the following incident occurred. Emma (the four-year-old one) and I walked into the room I was staying in to see Brit (the twenty-month-old one) throwing my folded laundry off the hide-a-bed. Emma shook her head and said, “It’s always the quiet ones, Grandma.”

I burst out laughing whenever I think of Emma’s serious little face as she reflected on her baby sister’s antics. To say nothing of Brit’s determination to throw every item on the floor before we could stop her.



Brit has a bit of a bad-ass rep. I know this is hard to imagine, what with those gorgeous baby blue eyes. I ask you – could two little girls look further apart in the eye department? Anyway, I think it is we adults who saddle kids with personality.





Point in fact: Emma’s signature song is Bruno Mars – You’re Beautiful . . . just the way you are. This is how she got associated, at least in my mind, with this song. When she was under two, the song came on the radio, and we heard her singing in her cute little voice – just the way you are. We literally had tears in our eyes. The dye was cast.




P1060405Brit’s experience was different. She was trying to see if she could head plant off the hide-a-bed when the Olly Mur song, Troublemaker came on. Well – there you go. That is her signature song. “You’re giving me a heart attack, troublemaker.” Whenever the song comes on, we chase Brit around, laugh wildly, sing that line, and give her a good tickle.



The other day the song came on while the two girls were in the van with their mom. I was here at home, writing away. They started singing the song and pointing at Brit, who was all smiles. Emma’s mom looked at her, after the song was over, and saw tears running down her face. She asked her what on earth was wrong. Emma replied, “I miss Grandma.” Ohhhhh (you can all take a short break while I go and blow my nose.)

Moral of the story – timing is everything. You might end up being thought of as beautiful, just the way you are, or you might end up a troublemaker. It’s all a game of chance. But maybe having a bad-ass rep is good for a baby sister. As far as I can see, Brit is enjoying the attention.