Hat in Hand my Friends, Hat in Hand

Fran's Garden

I sincerely believe blogging is about more than promoting, selling or making money. This site is my author webpage as well as my personal blog. It is my way of connecting with readers, friends and fellow bloggers. It’s the place I tell about what’s happening in my life, be it writing, books, publishing, marketing, parenting, grand parenting, gardening, living in a rural setting, travelling.

My blog is where I pay it forward when it comes to supporting other self-published authors. I recently started a series where I invite self-published authors to do a guest post related to how location plays an integral role in their writing. I’ve regularly posted book reviews and interviews and promoted these far and wide through my social media network.

In terms of valued-added, I’ve blogged a number of times about my experience with self-publishing in the hope that some of the things I’ve learned through trial and error might help someone else. Always we are standing on a continuum with others ahead of us and others behind. As we reach for a hand up, I firmly believe we should be reaching back to help others climb.

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I also host a spin-off blog called Saying What Matters where I write posts dedicated to effective communication skills. This is my way of sharing with others the experience and training that I’ve had the privilege to obtain.

You might be thinking – where is the hat part? We get that you’ve paid your dues, now you get to the point.

Okay, here it comes.

If you’ve stopped by my blog and considered reading either of my books at some later date – maybe that date has arrived. If you’ve read Disappearing in Plain Sight or The Light Never Lies and thought about doing a review to put up on Amazon or Goodreads – maybe today is the day. No time like the present – right?

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This plant is sometimes called Love Lies Bleeding – oh, the author’s lament – right?

You will find Disappearing in Plain Sight for sale on the following sites:





The Nook Store at Barnes and Noble


The Light Never Lies is available on the following sites:






The Nook Store

Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and all e-reading devices, I’ve got you covered. Many thanks in advance to all readers and followers who respond to my hat in hand request. No good deed goes unnoticed. My gift today is the beauty of a few flower shots from our garden done on macro setting. Enjoy.

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If I Follow You – Check This Out

Drumroll Please

Cue the drum roll please . . . I’ve just created a blog roll page! I tried to double-check each and every link but human error being what it is . . . please stop by my blog and check out this page. Click your link and make sure it takes people to you. If you want to say anything else about your blog please feel free to use the comment section. I promise to update this page each time I follow a new blog.

Making this page took more time out of this sunny and bright Northern Vancouver Island Saturday than I was expecting but I really enjoyed the process and was reminded once again why I follow each and every one of you!

I am indebted to a post on The Daily Post – Build a Better Blog Roll   for the inspiration to get this task done.

(image credit – Google images – dreamlaughcreate.blogspot.com)