The Best Moments of Kid’s Sports

Baseball Brit - Guenette photo (2)

When watching kids play sports, the best moments for a grandparent don’t necessarily match what parents are there to see. Don’t get me wrong, my heart sped up when Emma caught the ball and looked up with the most incredulous expression on her face. But the photos Grandma wants to capture are more in the category of joy-in-the-moment rather than sports hall of fame.

Baseball - Emma - Guenette photo (1)                    Baseball - Emma - Guenette photo (2)

Baseball Emma - Guenette photo

Soccer Brit 2 - Guenette photo          Soccer Brit 3 - Guenette photo

Baseball Brit - Guenette photo (1)

Baseball Emma 2 - Guenette photo

I may be biased but I think these girls were born to wear sport’s gear Smile 

As Michael Jordon says – Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.