The Book Promotion Tool Box




In part two of my book-promotion-sharing-as-I-learn process, I will be filling a book promotion tool box. I love the analogy of the tool box – everything I need all neatly assembled and divided into handy little sections.

The four sections of the tool box are labeled: print media, broadcast and PR; social media and online promotion; non-traditional channels; and events plus peer to peer interactions.

Let’s have a look at the possible tools I might acquire for each section.

Print media

  • I will store my press release in the print media section of my tool box. I could write a complete post on the intricacies of the press release (heck, I probably will). Suffice to say, the press release is quite important.
  • I may also create an entire press kit – it seems it would be jam packed with all sorts of things and probably expensive.
  • Radio interviews, reviews and articles may all be stored in this section. I’ll write another post soon on the need for reviews.

Social media and online presence

  • Here is the spot where I’ll plunk this blog, along with my Facebook site, my Twitter account, my presence on LinkedIn and Pinterest and Goodreads.
  • An author’s website would be stored here – though I’ve had such excellent results with Word Press, I’m thinking I’ll let my blog do double duty.
  • YouTube promotional videos (gulp – I feel a bit faint. I have to put my head down between my knees for a moment. Oh there – that’s better)
  • This is also the place for online events – blog tours, guest blog spots – I’m sure so much more could go here but I haven’t figured it all out yet.

Non-Traditional Channels

  • Here is where I can stash all the business deals I might make in order to sell my book – things like getting the North Island Crisis Center to give a copy of my book to all their employees as a Christmas gift (hey, that’s not a bad idea!).
  • I can place all my ideas for alternative retail outlets in this section. For example – would a local tourist place carry my book or a place that sells crafts made on the North Island? (wow – where are these stellar ideas coming from. I must be channelling a marketing guru here.)
  • This is also where my pitch package goes – pretty sketchy on the details of that – I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Events and Peer-to-Peer Interactions

  • In this section, I will stow book signing events, my table at a book fair or a Conference, a booth at a summer festival, the sale of my book on a cruise ship (Sweet baby Jesus – where do they get these ideas? But think about all those people just captive on a boat. It does have potential. (Note to self: check out how BC Ferries selects the books for the BC authors section, which is available for sale on board all their vessels)
  • This is also the place where I store all the people in my various networks who will be working away to promote my book. (Family, friends, past co-workers – run now, ran hard and fast.)

So – there you have it. A well-laid out tool-box chalk full of promotional tools, all neatly organized into sections. You know that song – Come Fly with Me? The words keep running through my mind, but for some reason I keep wanting to add – over a cliff. But we’re in this together – right?