Why I Chose to Dump the Blog Roll Page


Hi all:

Just wanted to drop everyone a line and explain why I chose to dump the Blog Roll page from Disappearing in Plain Sight. It was a separate page (like the About page) where I was listing all the blogs I follow with a link and a few words describing each.

It was one of those things that seemed like a great idea when I came up with it but turned out to be counter-productive. Have you ever had one of those kind of ideas?

After the initial work of creating the page it had to be constantly updated and culled. There are so many wonderful blogs to follow and, it seems, I can’t resist pressing the follow button. On top of that, some blogs are here today and gone tomorrow. I felt I should stay on top of that.

The task became overwhelming. As I fell behind, I found that I was resisting the urge to follow new blogs, telling myself – think about how long it’s going to take to update that damn Blog Roll page.

Reassessment was in order. It’s unlikely people are going to scroll down the huge list that now exists on that page. I don’t want anything on my blog that is out-of-date. My blog has a nifty feature on the sidebar for readers to check out the blogs that I’ve liked as well as an area that highlights bloggers who have made comments on my posts. Promoting others is important to me.

Bye-bye Blog Roll page – a good idea that didn’t quite work. Let me know if you have gone down some avenues with your blog that required reassessment and perhaps revamping.


And, enjoy the Illuminated Crowd – my favourite Montreal sculpture. Those blogs listed on that page were most certainly that !