How Do I Know the Weekend is Coming?


When you don’t have a regular 9:00 to 5:00 – Monday to Friday type job, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep track of time. But I always know when the weekend is upon me. All I have to do is check out my blog stats page. The weekends bring the inevitable rush of views to my blog inspired by the following string of search words – is Flight a good movie. When I see the number of times this happens, I am stunned.

If I only think about the state of my stats, I end up wishing I was someone who reviewed movies and blogged about them. I apologize in advance to all the people who will come to my site wanting a definitive movie review – though it did turn out that my earlier post: “Flight” – A Good Movie for a Writer to See.   was well received.

Is it just because Flight is such a good movie? Would this have happened with any movie? I don’t see many new movies so I have no way of finding out one way or the other. I just know that all weekend people will end up at my blog while trying to find out if Flight was a good movie.

The other search word that brings people to my blog every single day is – Georges Seurat. If you haven’t heard of him, he is a famous painter and the founder of the school of painting known as pointillism. Hard to say what state my stats might be in if it weren’t for Seurat and the movie, Flight. Take no offence my loyal followers – I speak only in jest In love

When you look at your stats page, do you see a string of search words that don’t have much to do with why you are writing a blog, but keep bringing people around? It would be great fun to hear what they are.