The Lull that Follows the Marathon Race


I’ve been wandering around the cabin the last couple of days in a strange state – something between dazzled and terrified. Part of me wants to hide under the covers until this exposed feeling passes. I’ve just published The Light Never Lies up to Amazon in its Kindle format and it seems as though I’ve launched a piece of myself into cyberspace. I remember this experience from a year ago when Disappearing in Plain Sight made its way into the public realm.

I’m thinking this never gets easier – one book, two books, or a dozen books down the road. They’ll always feel like my own children set to run free in the great, big world. Are they ready? Did I prepare them well enough? What will people think of them? What will people think of me? And on and on it goes.

Took some time from obsessing yesterday (okay, seriously, how many checks of your sales report on Amazon per day does make you obsessive?) to read Chuck Wendig’s lengthy take on how self-published authors are destroying the universe. Okay, he didn’t exactly say that and he does make some good points. No doubt my sense of exposure after just thrusting my own self-published work into the public realm effected my thoughts.

Wendig’s (sometimes profane but always in a chuck-ling fashion) premise states that the sheer volume and sometimes poor quality of self-published work out on Amazon (and other sites) does have an effect on all self-published authors, whether we realize it or not. The poor quality of self-published work is what keeps doors closed to the self-published authors who produce good stuff – review sites, brick and mortar, independent book stores and trade publications. If you have time, do go over and give his post a read. Mark Coker (founder of Smashwords) gets in on the debate via the comment section and his thoughts are always worth tuning into.

Went to search out the link on Wendig’s piece and realized fellow blogger Kevin Brennan has also written about Chuck’s post. Check out what Kevin has to say over on What the Hell blog.

Time for that blatant old plug – pop over to Amazon and give my latest novel, The Light Never Lies, consideration. If you’re in the Kindle book buying mood – maybe a bit curious, like George in the picture below – the cost is less than a fancy latte and will hopefully provide more sustenance. Though one should never knock the power of a good latte!