Disappearing in Plain Sight – Indie Book of the Day


A strange thing happened the other day when I was goggling Disappearing in Plain Sight by Francis Guenette. You might be wondering why I was doing this. I read a tweet by a woman saying that she goggled her name and the title of her book and found, to her horror, that her book was being pirated on about five different sites. I decided to see if I shared her fate. Okay, I admit it – I was a bit jealous and sort of hoped worried someone might think my book was worth pirating.

Anyway. I didn’t find Disappearing in Plain Sight being pirated anywhere, but I did find something else that was super exciting Open-mouthed smile

On June 23, totally unbeknownst to me, I was Indie Book of the Day over on the Indie Book of the Day site. I’m sure they sent me an email that, somehow, I missed. This discovery felt a bit like finding buried treasure. What a pleasant surprise.

I’m not one to let a small thing like a four month delay get in the way of my bragging rights. Ergo this post, plus a few Tweets, and a Facebook author page announcement. Oh, and check out the cool badge that came with the recognition. A badge is pure joy to the heart of an indie writer.

Thank you Indie Book of the Day people – just sorry it took me so long to clue in. Have any of you ever had an experience like this – recognition of some type that you totally missed?


Just had to share this one – these two granddaughters are too cool.