Clothes on the line in January?


I hung sheets out on my clothes line today! Quite the experience for January 19th. We are having an unusually mild winter here. We have mixed reactions to this on a number of fronts. These unseasonably warm days mean a lack of snowpack on the mountains and no period of cool weather to kill off the bugs that perhaps should die off each year. No denying, though, the absence of frozen pipes, icy roads, snow, and endless days of rain has its cheering effects.

But not so fast – February can be a month that kicks us in the butt in this region. No sooner do we breathe a sigh of relief that winter is long over, than February brings a dump of snow. Time will tell.

But back to the laundry – my displeasure at having to hang laundry in the house is in direct proportion to the pleasure I take in hanging laundry on the clothesline. So, today I am enjoying the beautiful blue sky and mild temperature without losing sight of what else this all might mean in the grander scheme of things.


(Just ran out on the deck to snap this pic.)