Revenge of the CEO–Free Right Now!

Revenge of the CEO book cover

It is with great pleasure that I shout out Peter Ralph’s book, Revenge of the CEO – free until May 15th on Amazon. Followers of this blog may remember the Location, Location, Location piece that featured a guest post by Peter and my review of his book, The CEO. If you haven’t read that post, please click the title and check it out.

So, what is Peter up to with this new book, sequel to The CEO?

Book Synopsis

What would you do if you were framed and sentenced to twenty years in an Asian prison?

Would it make any difference if the heinous crimes that you’d gotten away with carried far longer sentences?

Would knowing that your actions led directly to the suicide of your financial controller prick your conscience?

Blind hate kept Douglas Aspine alive in Changi Prison. He had no conscience or compassion for those he had hurt, only the lust for revenge. Would this evil man succeed in bringing down those who had framed him?

What the reviewers are saying:

  • Great sequel
  • Gripping suspense
  • Highly recommended
  • A main character you’ll love to hate
  • Another winner
  • Guilty but not as charged.

Who is author Peter Ralph:

Peter Ralph is a former CEO of a public company engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of heavy transport equipment. Prior to this he was a chartered accountant specializing in corporate reconstructions and recoveries and was a senior consultant to Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young). By necessity much of Peter’s work was litigious and he spent countless hours in courtrooms. Peter is the author of four novels and the co-author of one biography. He actively trades stocks and derivatives while writing standalone White Collar Crime thrillers.

You can learn more about Peter’s background and his writing by visiting his Facebook page or his Website. Nifty aside – when you click over to Peter’s website you get a chance to sign up for his newsletter and receive a free copy of a novella he’s written entitled, Fog City Fraud.

Raindrops on flower close-up - Guenette photo

Raindrop tears on a delicate white blossom – just for the joy of sharing. I’m reading Peter’s new book now, so I’ll let you know if there happens to be any association. Then again, most things are less than six degrees of separation from other things, so I’m betting I can make it work Winking smile