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Today, I begin a two-part series on the work of self-published author, Kevin Brennan. I’ve been following Kevin’s blog – What the Hell – for a while and I enjoy his eyes-wide-open approach to the whole self-publishing industry.



Things are pretty exciting for Kevin right now. He’s in the midst of a book launch forYesterday Road photo his latest novel – Yesterday Road. And hasn’t he created a fabulous cover? I’m looking forward to the read – just downloaded it today. You can pop over to Kevin’s blog and read the first chapter and see what you think, then follow the links to purchase.

Yesterday Road on – right here
Yesterday Road (other formats) – right here 



Our Children photoI recently reviewed another of Kevin’s work – a book of ficlets (isn’t that a neat word!) – Our Children are not Our Children. I thought I’d share that review.

A trip through the disturbingly selfish realms of the parental soul

The price is right for a quick read – load it onto your e-reading device before you commute to or from work and you’ll have an engrossing read that is well worth the effort. Brennan takes the reader on a trip through the disturbingly selfish realms of the parental soul. Fathers seem uncaring and, at times, cruel – mother’s selfish and unavailable. The writing style – from a story of straight dialogue with no quotation marks at all, to the man packing for a dangerous mountain assault, running through his list of supplies, everything that happens around him described with the extended metaphor of the climb – rushes the reader along to the conclusion of each piece, breathless to turn the last page. The stories pick away at our own parental composure. Let the one free of sin, cast the first stone.

Again, follow the links to purchase.

Our Children Are Not Our Children on – right here 

Our Children Are Not Our Children (other formats) – right here  


Kevin can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. His first book, Parts Unknown, is for sale direct from the author – right here.


Tomorrow, in part two of this series, readers will find a guest post by Kevin. He has done a great expose on a new self-publishing resource called, Oyster. You’ll want to read all about what this new service might and might not offer to self-published authors.