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New Release – Maelstrom

A shot is fired into the still night air and a young woman dies on Suicide Ridge. A dangerous game has begun. Over the course of one blistering, hot week, winds of change sweep through an isolated valley in small town America.

Sheriff Bert Calder, with the help of Mayor Amos Thatcher, has held the town of Haddon under his thumb for twenty-five years. As things spin out of control, Calder works the angles, ensuring he can make the most of the upheaval that is to come.

Rafael Destino, facing his own mortality, races against time to gain control of the railroad – a lifeline essential to the town’s survival. His goal – to financially destroy Thatcher, the man he believes responsible for the death of his beloved sister. His tool – adopted son Myhetta. But how far down the road of revenge will Rafael push the young man who owes him everything?

Myhetta is poised on the edge of controlling Destino Enterprises, the job he has been groomed for. While money, power and influence are his to command, the past continues to torment him.

In a clash of powerful men, with fathers pitted against sons, no one will be left unscathed. Maelstrom is a page turner that speeds along like a runaway train.

3-D cover of Maelstrom

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Available through Amazon and local vendors who carry my other novels. Enjoy!

Book One in the Crater Lake Series – Disappearing in Plain Sight

Sixteen-year-old Lisa-Marie has been packed off to spend the summer with her aunt on the isolated shores of Crater Lake. She is drawn to Izzy Montgomery, a gifted trauma counsellor who is struggling through personal and professional challenges. Lisa-Marie also befriends Liam Collins, a man who goes quietly about his life trying to deal with his own secrets and guilt. The arrival of a summer renter for Izzy’s guest cabin is the catalyst for change amongst Crater Lake’s tight knit community. People are forced to grapple with the realities of grief and desire to discover that there are no easy choices – only shades of grey.

disappearing-in-plain-sight 3-D bookcoverHere is how to get a copy of Disappearing in Plain Sight as an e-book:

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If you find you crave the feel of paper under your fingertips – Disappearing in Plain Sight is also available online in paperback:


If you are fortunate enough to live on the North Island you can purchase Disappearing in Plain Sight from the following merchants:

  • F.P Foods in Port Alice
  • Marketplace IGA and Shoprite Marine in Port McNeill
  • Home Hardware in Port Hardy
  • The Outpost in Winter Harbour
  • The Telegraph Cove Store

If you live mid-Island you can purchase Disappearing in Plain Sight at:

  • Save-On Foods in Campbell River

Book Two in the Crater Lake Series – The Light Never Lies

As circumstances spiral out of control, Lisa-Marie is desperate to return to Crater Lake. The young girl’s resolve is strengthened when she learns that Justin Roberts is headed there for a summer job at the local sawmill. Her sudden appearance causes turmoil. The mere sight of Lisa-Marie upsets the relationship Liam Collins has with trauma counsellor, Izzy Montgomery. All he wants to do is love Izzy, putter in the garden and mind the chickens. Bethany struggles with her own issues as Beulah hits a brick wall in her efforts to keep the organic bakery and her own life running smoothly. A native elder and a young boy who possesses a rare gift show up seeking family. A mystery writer arrives to rent the guest cabin and a former client returns looking for Izzy’s help. Life is never dull for those who live on the secluded shores of Crater Lake. Set against the backdrop of Northern Vancouver Island, The Light Never Lies is a story of heartbreaking need and desperate measures. People grapple with the loss of cherished ideals to discover that love comes through the unique family ties they create as they go.

the_light_never_lies 3-D bookcoverPurchase softcover book at all the above mentioned North Island and mid-Island venues. E-Book available through:

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Book Three in the Crater Lake Series – Chasing Down the Night

One might be excused for assuming that an idyllic life unfolds for those who have chosen to live and work near the shores of Crater Lake. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Long-time resident, Izzy Montgomery juggles the stress of a new job with her burgeoning home life. Family dynamics go into overdrive when Alexander and Cynthia launch plans to build a home nearby and Liam’s sister, Fiona shows up to do an internship with the local doctor. Lisa-Marie and Justin are back for the summer and sparks fly. While crusty, old Reg keeps sawmill production booming, Beulah runs the organic bakery and plans the First Annual Caleb Jenkins Memorial Ball Tournament. Bethany discovers her own hidden talents working with young people at Micah Camp.

As a nine-year-old’s dreams reflect a dangerous reality, many encounter issues from the past.

This is a novel for all those who work at building family ties by strengthening the traditional and creating the new. Chasing Down the Night explores a wide-ranging emotional landscape while highlighting the many aspects of day-to-day, rural life. Tears and laughter are inevitable.

Purchase softcover book at all the above mentioned North Island and mid-Island venues as well as through Amazon:

CDN - 3-D prof. cover image    Buy it on Amazon

Great opportunity to grab the first three books in the Crater Lake Series in one package!

Priced right for your reading enjoyment – two books for the cost of one.


Available through Amazon

Strands of Sorrow, Threads of Hope: A Book of Short Stories.

Strands of Sorrow, Threads of Hope is a book that shamelessly tugs at the reader’s emotions. A compilation of thirteen redemption stories, these glittering gems break the heart open with themes of loss, helplessness, jolting change and mistaken paths. For the reader who is willing to carefully untangle the words, within each strand of story sorrow there are threads of hope to be found.

Francis Guenette, author of Disappearing in Plain Sight and The Light Never Lies, has joined her creative voice to four of her late mother’s unpublished short stories. She has combined these with her own work to produce a slim volume that strikes a chord of resonance with the human condition. These stories will stay with the reader long after the book is stored away on the shelf.

 3-D image Strands

For sale on for Kindle.

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11 comments on “My Books

  1. Looking forward to reading this. Thank you.

  2. Allison Baxter says:

    Noel gave me your book Francis, and I really enjoyed it!

  3. I finished your book last night! Well done! Amazon sent me an email and asked me to write a review. I just finished my positive rave 1 minute ago. Just wanted you to know! 🙂

  4. […] debut novel ‘Disappearing in Plain Sight‘ is now available and the sequel “The Light Never Lies‘ will be available […]

  5. I heard about your first book through your husband’s blog which I follow, and I ordered it some time ago. However, I just recently had a chance to read it and, in fact, just finished it a few days ago. There are times when a book comes into one’s life at just the right moment, and this has been such a time for me. Your characters are so compelling and so real, and through their struggles I realized how long it has been since I truly allowed myself to feel many emotions. I have described myself as feeling as if I were fading away, like “disappearing in plain sight.” After reading your book I had two days of intense emotions dealing with past issues that I thought were resolved. Now I hope I am able to move on. Thank you. I look forward to reading more.

  6. Brigitte Rixen says:

    I just love your books, Francis. I am in book 2 and I usually can’t wait to get home and ‘walk’ right back into the scene. And I think it helps that I live on the island, it’s so easy to imagine the plot, being right there….
    Thank you for these gems, I (selfishly) hope there is more to come 🙂

    • Many thanks for your kind comment, Brigitte. I’m so glad you are enjoying the Crater Lake Series. Four books so far and I do envision the overall story taking two more to wrap up. If you are of a mind, consider sharing your thoughts in the form of an Amazon review. These really help self-published authors. Best wishes 🙂

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