Book Review Thrills. Ring Those Bells

IMG_0858 (2).enhanced

Self-published authors love book reviews! Okay, no doubt all authors love reviews but self-published authors really love reviews. Be it a few lines or an opus – we get pretty thrilled. Please check out the detailed and totally humbling (in the sense that I am humbled to the ground with her praise!)  review Deb Young has done for Disappearing in Plain Sight over on her great blog – aptly named Debbie Young.

14 comments on “Book Review Thrills. Ring Those Bells

  1. kaisywmills says:

    I love the artsy pic! So cool! 🙂

  2. I don’t have a kindle. Do you sell your first book direct somehow, or will I need to go through Amazon? I have some political issues with Amazon and prefer not to deal with them if at all possible. Susan Shawn,

  3. Luanne says:

    Wow, those look like Soleri bells!

  4. Gwen Stephens says:

    Great review, Fran. It’s got to be a wonderful feeling when someone sings your praises. Well deserved, I might add.

  5. jennypellett says:

    Hello Francis – just popped over to have a browse and to say thanks for the follow! Have just read the review of your book over at Deb Young’s and now I want to read it – so I shall download it onto my husband’s kindle and wait for him to start reading something on his new toy, his ipad…
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts, too 🙂

    • Jenny – thanks for the wonderful comment and the promise of a download and a read. I hope I’ll see more of your comments on my blog and I look forward to following yours. Please let me know how you like the book. As the title of this post blasts out – we writers love the reviews.

  6. Cate Macabe says:

    Congratulations. You couldn’t have asked for a better review.

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